RxLink for Payers

Quantuvis is the leader in drug rebate negotiation solutions. We've built on that success to create a new interoperable platform that expands your ability to manage both direct and indirect contracts across the entire value chain.


Optimized Revenue, Improved Visibility

Centralized Rate Management

Model, contract, analyze, and invoice your drug rebates through one central platform across over 200+ manufacturers.

Optimized Revenue

Create effective and accurate forecasts and invoices through automated applicable rate determinations across your diverse business segments.

Actionable Insights

Dynamic analytics and robust reporting capabilities powered by an integrated data source.

"We used to only have time to deal with the biggest drugs at the few top Pharma companies. Quantuvis delivers the ability to cover every product in the marketplace to provide more options and value to our clients and patients"

- Director of Trade Relations

Delivering Revenue Optimization


Identify historical rebate performance against projected claim volumes.

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Rebate Eligibility

Easily determine which rates are providing you with the highest value across multiple formularies.

Formulary Analytics

Model gross and net revenue for specific deals and understand ROI for different access positions.

Revenue Forecasting

Determine your member costs (PMPM) by drug or therapeutic category.

Efficiency Through Integrated Processes


Manage your complex deals in one centralized location.



Leverage your existing internal or 3rd party data directly into the platform for a complete end to end solution.


Create, manage, and route your contracts through the entire papering process.


Generate invoices or integrate directly with your existing internal or 3rd party solutions.

Innovative Solutions for an Evolving Industry



Trade Management


Policy & Benefits


Invoicing & Payments

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