Quantuvis for Payers

From rebates, to contracts, to billing and administration. Welcome to the future of rebate management for HC Plans and PBMs.

Effective process, efficient results

Negotiate faster than ever before

Quantuvis eliminates the traditionally manual and redundant data entry points and captures all of the details every step of the way.

Keep all stakeholders in the loop

Quantuvis centralizes every conversation and resource into one fully digital source of truth, made accessible to every stakeholder at any time.

Focus on what really matters

Quantuvis automates and simplifies the process, so your team can spend less time punching in numbers and more time on strategic negotiations.

"We used to only have time to deal with the biggest drugs at the few top pharma companies. Quantuvis delivers the ability to cover every product in the marketplace to provide more options and value to our clients and patients."

Director of Trade Relations

It starts with revolutionizing rebate negotiations

Automated bid tracking

Review the status and compare bids across every line of business, all in one place.

Built-in audit tools

Track the progress and status of every bid in real time, organized by line of business.

Event-based alerts

Quantuvis alerts users to important tasks or events to help your team manage the workload more efficiently.

RFP and terms comparison

Easily export to Excel and print your bids in seconds.

Rebate Negotiation captures the active state of pre-agreement transactional dialog, providing one source of truth for your entire team and enabling faster negotiations that ever before.

A fully integrated contract management solution

Real-time RFP integration

Automatically import the terms and conditions of the RFP into your contracts.

Full contract history

Automatically capture and manage a comprehensive audit history of all communications and contract versions.

Search, filter, and sort

Increase the accessibility of your contracts through robust filtering and sorting tools.

Comprehensive reporting

Leverage robust contract analytics and create your own custom reports.

Contract Management is the first and only solution that automatically consolidates bid terms into binding legal contracts in seconds – all on one integrated platform.

One solution, countless features

Robust Data Analytics

Leverage robust data across your entire portfolio in real time for faster and more accurate financial analysis and better informed strategic decisions.

Auto-Generate RFP

Increase continuity and eliminate errors by automatically converting your RFP data, including all agreed-upon terms and conditions, into binding contracts with a click of a button.

Bid Status & History

Always know where your bids stand in real time, across every line of business.

Real-time Negotiation

Negotiate RFPs with Pharma in real time through our standardized, closed-loop platform.

Version Control

Automatically maintain the complete history of your bids and contract, from first draft through execution.

Contract Templates

Create and manage pre-approved contract templates to simplify the contracting phase and improve turnaround times.

Audit Logs

Mitigate risk and improve compliance with a detailed timeline of all changes, traceable to an individual user level with time-stamp documentation.

Experience the future of rebate management

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