The future of rebate management is

Negotiating drug pricing and reimbursement contracts used to be inefficient, time consuming, and needlessly complicated. With Quantuvis, everything is on one platform and it couldn't be simpler.

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The Quantuvis Solution

Revolutionizing rebate management

With Quantuvis, all stakeholders across every phase of contract negotiation and execution are connected in real time to the same central source of truth.

That means immediate access to every contract version, support document, email and call log, and meeting notes, as well as relevant research and the latest pricing information – all at your fingertips in real time.

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Streamlining The Process

It's time for an easier way

The old way of rebate management is no longer the right way.

The old way

The Quantuvis way

Rebate negotiations have always been a paper monster – spreadsheets, term sheets, draft agreements and contracts – held together by threads of emails, call logs, and meeting notes.

Quantuvis tames the paperwork monster.  With all of your conversations and resources in one place, you can stop worrying about who said what and when, and start concentrating on the specific conditions, compromises, and confirmations of each agreement.

Everything in One Place

Quantuvis: the all in-one solution

Rebate Negotiation

Quantuvis simplifies the rebate negotiation process by providing one place for both parties to negotiate drug rebates in real time.

With our platform, your data is secure, centralized, and standardized to improve accuracy and reduce bid cycle times.  Plus, our robust analytics allow you to gain insights from your historical information to make more informed decisions in minutes, not weeks.

Contract Management

Once the contract is in place, Quantuvis becomes the trusted central authority for tracking contract execution.

Quantuvis keeps terms-data up to date, automates follow-up, and ensures fairness to all parties based on real-time results.

This is just the beginning.

We’re creating the first end-to-end rebate management solution for the healthcare industry.
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Our Solutions

Connecting Pharma and Payers

Quantuvis isn’t some off-the-shelf software adapted for the market.  The Quantuvis solution was designed and built by industry experts expressly to serve specific Pharma and Payer needs across every aspect of the rebate negotiation and contract execution process.

Quantuvis For

Pharma Manufacturers

Create and respond to bids, manage contracts, and evaluate data. All on one platform.

Quantuvis for Pharma

Quantuvis For

Health Plans & PBMs

Create and respond to bids, manage contracts, and evaluate data. All on one platform.

Quantuvis for Payers

The Quantuvis Solution

Turning complexity into efficiency

Quantuvis makes rebate management easier and faster than ever before.

Single Source of Truth

Access your data in real time, easily compare terms and conditions, and make smarter decisions faster.

Streamlined Process

Negotiate rebates, execute contracts, and administer billing – all on one fully-integrated and easy-to-use platform.

Increased Productivity

Reduce the usual back-and-forth, create reports in seconds, and easily measure performance across all lines of business.

Experience the future of rebate management

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