Quantuvis is a healthcare IT company dedicated to helping life sciences and healthcare companies increase revenue and profitability through improved decision making. By enhancing business intelligence through automation and more efficient use of data, our clients are able to learn from the past to analyze the present and change the future.

With the help of Quantuvis, your company will be able to use more informed logic to power your healthcare IQ.

The Healthcare Landscape

The US healthcare landscape is in the middle of an historic revolution. These changes lead to new opportunities. A company's success will be determined by identifying these efficiency and effectiveness opportunities. They then can implement strategic solutions that enhance operations and grow business, while making healthcare more affordable.

While there are many innovations occurring at the point of care, far fewer changes are taking place in the business of healthcare administration. Manual processes, antiquated systems, and siloed information characterize many of the inefficiencies on the administrative side of the equation, which all indirectly contribute to the growing costs of managing care. Consequently, there is an opportunity to capture unrealized value.

These opportunities
for value reside in:

  • Mitigating Risk
  • Saving Time
  • Reducing Errors
  • Increase Revenue
  • Improve Profitability

White Paper | Capturing Value in an Era of Disruptive Change:
Technology Driving Transparency & Profitability

This paper discusses the dramatic changes occurring in the US healthcare system that are leading to decreased productivity, increased errors, and lost value because of the antiquated processes in place. There exists an opportunity to improve the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of these processes while simultaneously creating the information necessary to deliver better overall value to the payers, pharmaceutical companies, and ultimately the patient.

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The Quantuvis Solution:
A Platform to Capture Value

Quantuvis is a market-driven Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for soliciting, tracking, capturing, and evaluating rebate contract negotiations between payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The rest of medicine has upgraded to systematized software configurations, but the RFP contract negotiations remain an exercise in manual labor. This complexity of negotiations is significant in terms of resources, time, and value to all payer and pharmaceutical manufacturer stakeholders. The lack of consistent formats, terms, and conditions in the bid process places a heavier burden on the transactional aspect of the negotiations at the expense of strategic business opportunities.

Quantuvis was built specifically to optimize the challenges of efficiency, effectiveness, documentation, compliance, and analysis in this market. It is the first and only Intelligent Contract Technology™ developed to address the nuances that occur during the payer and pharmaceutical manufacturer RFP negotiation processes.

Mitigate Risks

  • Lessen the volume and impact of expensive and relationship-breaking audits
  • Protect company documentation that can be compromised by M&A, employee turnover, and file loss
  • Allow quick identification of key challenges that impact profitability

Save Time

  • Improved transparency in RFP/bid process enhances submission response time
  • Reduction in time to aggregate and analyze RFPs/bids
  • Retrieve documentation of bid negotiation in seconds
  • Offers a consistent report of the rates and terms that can be utilized across the company

Reduce Errors

  • Automation and standardization of bids into a consistent format all in one place
  • Replace a previously manual process
  • Reduce data entry errors that compromise profitability

Increase Revenue

  • Optimize formulary value
  • Real-time aggregation and financial evaluation of offers in a single comparative format in seconds
  • Allow focus to center on negotiation strategies

Improve Profitability

  • Holistic evaluation of the complete contract value resulting in more informed business decisions
  • Better utilize resources needed to manage process
  • Improve receivables

Performance Management

  • Generate reports by company, across therapeutic categories, by brand, RFP/bid, contract terms, and line of business in seconds
  • Greater oversight leading to more strategic decision making
  • Track performance and improve efficiency with dashboards that provide critical insights into new business opportunities


  • Real-time reporting for improved analysis and more informed decision making
  • Compare rebates and contractual terms across entire book of business in seconds
  • Document the history of negotiations from initial RFP to approved offer


  • Monitor and measure performance in real time
  • Quick access to data to calculate key metrics
  • Track all RFPs/bids in one place in a consistent format


  • Receive communications on key challenges that impact deliverables and profitability
  • Instant notification of when RFPs/bids are sent and received RFP deadline notices
  • RFP deadline notices

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